To conclude, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world! Over a billion people from all races, nationalities and cultures across the globe are Muslims and follow the message as revealed in the Quran to God's final Prophet to mankind, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Quran contains the words of Allah and it has not been changed since it was revealed around 1400 years ago! Islam is in all its teachings, the True Religion and way of life ordained by God to the whole of mankind!

The problem with society nowadays, especially in the western society is that religion no longer dominates everyday life, whereas for Muslims, Islam is life! A life lived apart from religion, will bring great regret to a person in the hereafter. As the Quran says:-

"If only you could see when they are made to stand by the fire they will say: 'Would that we were but sent back, we would not deny the Signs of our Lord and we would be among the believers.' (Al-An'am 6:27)

"Respond to your Lord before a Day comes from Allah which cannot be turned back. On that Day there will be for you no place of refuge nor will there be for you any room for denial (of your sins)!" (Ash-Shura 42:47)

"Turn you to your Lord (in repentance) and submit to Him, before the Chastisement comes on you: after that you shall not be helped. And follow the Best that which was revealed to you from your Lord, before the Chastisement comes on you - of a sudden, while you perceive not!" (Az-Zumar 39:54-55).

In reference to this current life of ours, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said that:-

"The value of the World in comparison to the Hereafter (life after death) is like a droplet in the ocean".

Therefore, we should strive ultimately for what is everlasting and should not wait to look into religion when we get older. As a well-known phrase tells us, "Defer not tomorrow to be wise, tomorrow's sun to thee may never rise!" by which time it would be too late. Allah says in the Quran regarding our temporal existence:-

"Every soul shall have a taste of death: in the end to Us shall you be brought back."
(Al-Ankabut 29:57)

"Say:'The Death from which you flee will truly overtake you: then will ye be sent back to the Knower of things secret and open: and He will tell you the things that you did!"
(Al-Jumu'a 62:8)

"Nothing is the life of this world but play and amusement. But best is the Home in the Hereafter, for those who are righteous. Will you not then understand?" (Al-An'am 6:32)

Regarding the reward for the true believers in the life to come, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said that:-

'In Paradise there are things which no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has thought of.'

It is a place where there is no pain, sadness, worries, no one grows old or dies, a place where no one ever gets bored, a place of everlasting joy and happiness. It is the ultimate reward, whereas Hell is the total opposite.

"Now no person knows what delights of the eye are kept hidden (in reserve) for them - as a reward for their (good) Deeds." (As-Sajda 32:17)

For those who wish to go to Paradise, Allah has offered us the ultimate bargain, available for all who accept it. Allah says in the Quran:-

"O You who believe! shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from an awful punishment? (it is) That you believe in Allah and His Messenger and that you strive (your utmost) in the Cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives: that will be best for you, if you only knew! (Then) He will forgive you your sins, and admit you to Gardens beneath which rivers flow, and to beautiful Mansions in Gardens of Eternity: that is indeed the Supreme Triumph."(As-Saff 61:10-12).

Regarding other religious beliefs, the Jews and Christians do not believe in all the Prophets of Allah, for they do not believe in the greatest and last Prophet of Allah - Muhammad (PBUH). All the Prophets (Peace Be Upon Them) were sent to a specific nation, but the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), being the last Prophet of God, was sent with the universal mission for all of mankind. Therefore the message revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is for all of mankind!

In terms of the purpose of life, a lot of the things which people without faith associate with being the purpose of life are all temporary aims which come and go, such as for example, going to college, studying for an exam, going on holiday etc. which once achieved will make one ask the question 'now what?'.

To add to this, material things such as wealth cannot be the purpose of life as they are not standing purposes which exist throughout every stage of ones life (e.g. a child wants a toy, an old man cares more about his health etc.). Worshipping Allah is a standing purpose that stays throughout every stage of a persons life, making life 'purposeful' and 'meaningful'.

Our purpose is to be tested. This is not a permenant life. The next life is - Gardens of Eternity or the punishment of the fire?

Therefore, the world is a place of trial and we are being judged in it. Life is not random with no purpose, but rather it is a test for the life to come. The Quran says:-

"Be sure We shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods, lives and the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere, - Who say, when afflicted with calamity: "To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return."
(Al-Baqarah 2:155-156).

Some are tested with poverty or ill health - will they become despairing, dishonest, or show patience and faith, while others are tested by being rich - what use will they make of their riches? Will they become selfish, greedy, or act with responsibility?

So, we are accountable to Allah for all that we do in this life. Our life on Earth will one day come to an end, and after that we are all going to be brought together on the Day of Judgement where we shall be judged by our faith and our deeds, be they good or bad.

So to conclude, Islam is the True Religion and way of life for all of mankind until the end of time and the Quran contains the eternal message for all of mankind until the end of time. Therefore the truth of the life of this world is with us and we have not been created without a purpose. Our purpose is to worship and obey Allah alone, so that we may obtain Paradise in the hereafter and be saved from the punishment of the Hellfire.

So if you are looking for the truth, then it is available to you. It is not just a 'religion', nor is it a culture, but a complete way of life. ISLAM - Submission to God.