In our search for the purpose of life, that is to say the truth of the life of this world, its best not to begin by looking into the various different types of religions and debate as to who is right, who is wrong etc. at the moment, but to instead consider the essential fact - The existence of the One True God. This message goes out to Atheists (i.e. those who don't believe in the existence of God) and the non-religious people in particular.

Everyone inside has a natural inclination to worship God. Take for example, when one is in danger, maybe even a life threatening situation, no doubt one prays to God for help. That is because it is part of human nature to acknowledge the existence of God. Even the self-professed Athiest will cry out to God in times of extreme despair.

The fact is that to believe in a creator is to know why we are here. If you were to imagine that you fell unconcious and then when you awake, you were to find yourself locked in a strange room than surely you would question yourself as to how you got there, who put you there and what you were doing there, rather than to just sit there and ignore these obvious facts. Yet, if we relate this scenerio to the real world, a lot of people don't bother pondering over these question, but are instead too busy with study, work and play to be concerned. The fact is that if we use our 'common sense' and 'reasoning' than we can very easily find the truth and come to believe that we were all created by the One True God.


It should be obvious enough, just through the amazing natural world around you, that a Supreme Creator exists. Take for example the plants, trees, animals, birds, mountains, rivers, seas, perfect ecosystem, human beings, planets, stars etc. How do you think these few things came into existence? Simply by coincidence? Some sort of coincidental 'Big Bang'? The fact is that it is true that scientists have in recent times brought about the 'Big Bang' theory which formed the universe and everything in it i.e. the galaxies, stars, solar system, planets etc. which if they have proven is fine, however for anyone to claim that as a result of this great event i.e. the 'Big Bang', that the complex universe came to be as it is today, just by mere chance, without any planning, design etc. is a billion times more ridiculous than believing that by merely collecting scraps of metal and applying the 'Big Bang' theory that as a result you can get out of it a fully-functioning top of the range sports car with 17" alloys, bumpers, rear spoiler, twin exhaust etc. No doubt this is highly unlikely!

Lets look and ponder on some other aspects that will bring us closer to this reality. Have you ever wondered about the universe? It perfect order calls for the attention of every human being. Why is pure water tasteless, and why does it have such life-giving qualities to plants and animals, that no other liquid has? Water boils at 100C, speed of light is 3.0 x 10 (to the power 8) m/s. All these laws are not designed by man, we did'nt design the Earth to be oval, nor yet the universe. But, some people believe that it was all chance?

Consider any purpose built product i.e. a car. Components are combined in a certain way after careful planning to produce it. No car appears by chance, if that was the case Ford, BMW and Mercedes etc. would never have existed. Another example - a house requires surveyors, architects, builders and interior designers. The house does not appear out of nowhere. So the human being, the animals, plants, stars, ecosystem and all these more perfect and complex designs are there by chance? Scientist who claim this might as well claim that such simple things by comparison such as the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids were not created, but were the result of some fantastic chance event! Reality check - there can only be one answer - all thesse amazing things that we see around us point towards the existence of an intelligent Creator i.e. God.

Lets look even further at the amazing universe. Our universe is perfectly ordered. Countless billions of stars and galaxies move in their seperate orbits yet in total harmony. Galaxies consisting of almost 300 billion stars flow through each other and, to everyones astonishment, during this gigantic transition no collisions occur! Such order cannot be attributed to coincidence. So again there can only be one answer - an intelligent Creator i.e. God. What is more, the velocities of objects, with masses of billions or trillions of tons, in the universe are beyond the limits of our imagination, all travelling at incredible velocities. Take for example the Earth. The Earth rotates about its axis at about 1,670km an hour. Mean linear velocity of its orbit around the sun is 108,000km an hour. These figures only relate to the Earth. Other things beyond the Solar System have a tremendously larger figure!

Basically there is a very delicate balance. Very slight, even millimetric variations in the orbit of heavenly bodies could result in very serious consequences. Some so bad that life on Earth would become impossible. We hardly think about this perfect order. So once again there can only be one answer - an intelligent Creator i.e. God.


We can look at two significant issues which even the greatest scientist based on scientific facts cannnot disagree with and which prove that a) there MUST be a Creator and that b) there is in actual fact a Creator. These issues are 'the theory of evolution' and 'life resulting from coincidence' taken from a book by 'Harun Yahya' entitled 'The truth of the life of this World'. What follows is very summarized information from this book:-

The Theory of Evolution (Collapse of Darwinism) - By Harun Yahya :-

The supposedly scientific theory put forward during the mid-19th century, has not been verified whatsoever. Laboratory experiments and probabilistic calculations have definitely made it clear that the amino acids from which life arises cannot have been formed by chance. The person who originally put forward the theory of evolution, was an amateur English Biologist, Charles Robert Darwin. He claimed that all living beings had a common ancestor and that they evolved from one another by means of natural selection. Those that adapted to the habitat transferred their traits to subsequent generations, and their qualities tranformed individuals into totally different species from their ancestors. The human being was the most developed produce of the mechanism of natural selection.

Nowhere in the world - neither on land or sea - has any intermediate transitional form between any two species ever been uncovered. Darwin himself was quite aware of the absence of such transitional forms. It was his greatest hope that they would be found in the future. Life emerged on earth suddenly and in complex forms. Not a single transitional form verifying the alleged evolutionary 'progression' of vertebrates - from fish to amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - has ever been found. Every living species appears instantaneously and in its current form, perfect and complete, in the fossil record. In other words living things did not come into existence through evolution. THEY WERE CREATED!

Life Resulting from Coincidence - by Harun Yahya :-

The theory of evolution holds that life started with a cell that formed by chance under primitive earth conditions. With all its operational systems, systems of communication, transportation and management, a cell is no less complex than any city. It contains power-stations producing the energy consumed by the cell, factories manufacturing the enzymes and hormones essential for life, a databank where all necessary information about all products to be produced is recorded, complex transportation systems and piplelines for carrying raw materials and products from one place to another, advanced laboratories and refineries for breaking down imported raw materials into their useable parts and specialised cell membrane proteins for the control of in-coming and out-going materials.

These constitute only a small part of this incredibly complex system. In short, the cell is so complex and can't be synthesised in even the most sophisticated laboratories of our day. Even with the use of amino acids, the building blocks of the cell, it is not possible to produce so much as a single organelle of the cell, let alone the whole cell. Its not just the cell which can't be produced, but the formation, under natural conditions, of even a single protein of the thousands of complex protein molecules making up a cell is impossible.

Proteins are giant molecules consisting of amino acids arranged in a particular sequence in certain quantities and structures. These molecules constitute the building blocks of a living cell. The simplest is composed of 50 amino acids, but there are some proteins that are composed of thousands of amino acids. The absence, addition, or replacement of a single amino acid in the structure of a protein in living cells, each of which has a particular function, causes the protein to become a useless molecular heap.

Incapable of demonstrating the 'accidental formation' of amino acids, the theory of evolution founders on the point of the formation of proteins. We can easily demonstrate, with simple probability calculations anybody can understand, that the functional structure of proteins can by no means come about by chance.

There are twenty different amino acids. If we consider that an average sized protein molecule is composed of 288 amino acids, there are 10300 different combinations of acids. Of all of these possible sequences, only 'one' forms the desired protein molecule. The other amino-acid chains are either completely useless or else potentially harmful to living things. In other words, the probability of the coincidental formation of only one protein molecule cited above is '1 in 10300'. The probability of this '1' occurring out of an 'astronomical' number consisting of 1 followed by 300 zeros is for all practical purposes zero; it is impossible. Furthermore, a protein molecule of 288 amino acids is rather a modest one compared with some giant molecules consisting of thousands of amino acids. When we apply similar probability calculations to theses giant protein molecules, we see that even the word 'impossible' becomes inadequate. If the coincidental formation of even one of these proteins is impossbile, it is billions of times more impossible for approximately one million of those proteins to come together by chance in an organised fashion and make up a complete human cell. Moreover, a cell is not merely a collection of proteins but also include nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, and many other chemicals such as electrolytes, all of which are arranged harmoniously and with design in specific proportions, both in terms of structure and function. Each functions as a building block or component in various organelles. So, evolution is unable to explain the formation of even a single protein out of the millions in the cell, let alone explain the cell.

The correct sequence of proper amino acids is simply not enough for the formation of one of the protein molecules present in living things. Besides this each of the twenty different types of amino acid present in the composition of proteins much be left-handed. Chemically, there are two different types of amino acids called 'left-handed' and 'right-handed'. The difference between them is the mirror-symmetry between their 3-dimensional structure, which is similar to that of a person's right and left hands. All proteins present in the structure of living things are made up of left-handed amino acid. Even a single right-handed amino acid attached to the structure of a protein renders it useless.

It is not enough for amino acids to be arranged in the correct numbers, sequences, and in the required 3-dimensional structures. The formation of a protein also requires that the amino acid molecules with more than one arm be linked to each other only through certain arms. Such a bond is called a 'peptide bond'. Amino acids can make different bonds with each other, but proteins comprise those and only those amino acids that join together by 'peptide' bonds. Under these circumstances, the probabilities of an average protein molecule comprising 5 hundred amino acids arranging itself in the correct quantities and in sequence, in addition to the probabilities of all of the amino acids it contains being only left-handed and combining using only peptide bonds are as follows:-

As can be seen, the probability of the formation of a protein molecule comprising five hundred amino acids is '1' divided by a number formed by placing 950 zeros after a 1. In mathematics a probability smaller than 1 over 10(to the power 50) is considered to have a '0' probability of realisation.

In the 'haemoglobin' molecule, a vital protein, there are 574 amino-acids, which is much larger than that of the amino acid making up the protein. Now consider this: in only one out of the billions of red blood cells in your body, there are '280,000,000' (280 million) haemoglobin molecules. The supposed age of the earth is not sufficient to afford the formation of even a single protein, let alond a red blood cell, by the method of 'trial and error'. Much more can be said, e.g. even if proteins did somehow form by accident, that would still have no meaning, for proteins are nothing on their own and cannot themselves reproduce. They synthesis is only possible with the information coded in DNA and RNA molecules . Without DNA and RNA, it is impossible for a protein to reproduce. The specific sequence of the twenty different amino acids encoded in DNA determines the structure of each protein in the body. However, those who have studied these molecules know clearly that it is impossible for DNA and RNA to form by chance!

'The balance in nature are so delicate and so numerous that it is entirely irrational to claim that they developed 'by chance'. No matter how much those who cannot set themselves free from this irrationality may strive, the signs of God in the heavens and the earth are completely obvious and they are undeniable. God is the Creator of the heavens, the earth and all that is between. The signs of His being have encompassed the entire universe.'


Such facts should convince a person that there MUST be and that there is in actual fact a God. But if you want to understand where, what and who our Creator is and why God, the Creator of the Universe, created us, than there is no point looking in books on Theology (study of God) as these are peoples opinions based upon their own personal feelings and thoughts, and not on sound evidence. So where do we look? The fact is that God has not left us in the lurch and without a purpose to our existence. We have been given revelations, Prophets and numerous books telling us about our Creator, our purpose here and other essential things besides.