Hello and welcome to Anwar's Crib! This site is aimed at those seeking to know the truth of the life of this world. The site is partly aimed at showing that:-

a) There is a Creator (i.e. God) who created the Universe and everything in it, including our ownselves i.e. our soul, and the magnificent human body that the soul lives in and

b) That the Quran is the literal words of God revealed to the last Messenger of God, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), who came after the Prophet Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him) who was also a Messenger of God.

Through the above, it is aimed to show that Islam (which means 'Submission to God' and is the fastest growing religion in the world!), is the true religion of God and that there is an ultimate purpose to our temporary life in this world.

The section entitled 'The True Religion' is divided into different chapters. The first chapter aims to prove that there is a Creator i.e. God. There is also a chapter which looks into other religions and also a chapter entitled 'The Advent of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)', which looks at prophecies of his coming in other religious scriptures.

The section entitled 'Quranic Miracles' looks at some of the scientific miracles contained within the Quran which was revealed over 1400 years ago. However, it must be noted that the Quran is not a science book, but rather it is a book of guidance from God. Even so, we find many verses in the Quran which are of a scientific nature and that some of these verses mention scientific facts which have only been discovered very recently using advanced technological equipments. This is just one of many miracles of the Quran that proves that it is a book which could not possibly have been written by any human being and that as a result, it can only be divine revelation from the Creator of the Universe i.e. God.

Please note: Throughout the site I have sometimes refered to God using the arabic, 'Allah'. Allah, is the personal name of God in Arabic which means the one and only true God and is used even amongst the Christian Arabs. It is a better word to use in refering to the Supreme Creator than the English word 'God' as unlike the English word which can be played around with, the Arabic word Allah is pure and unique. For example, the word God can be made plural by adding an 's' so that it becomes Gods, but this is not the case with the word Allah. Also God can be changed to Goddess, Godfather, tin-god (i.e. a fake God) etc.

Also, in case you are wondering, the red flag with the green star in the middle, on the top of the menu (on the left) is the flag of Morocco. This is my country of origin, although I was born and currently reside in the UK.


Viewing of the following video documentaries is highly recommended. They can also be found in the 'Download' section of this website (These files need to be downloaded to view them. Right click on the download icon and click on 'Save Target As...' to save the video file to your desktop):-

THE TRUTH OF THE LIFE OF THIS WORLD - Harun Yahya (Documentary)

THE SECRET OF THE TEST - Harun Yahya (Documentary)

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